First Presbyterian Church is a gospel community, communing with God, connecting with people, and communicating grace and hope to magnify Christ in Dyersburg and beyond.

We are a particular church that is a part of the Presbyterian Church in America. For more information on our denomination and what we believe, please visit the offical website of the PCA. 




We believe that the inspired word of God is without error in everything it teaches and is the supreme rule authority for faith and practice and contains all truth either explicitly or implicitly necessary for our salvation and spiritual life. So, we are committed to its faithful and accurate interpretation and presentation in everything we preach, teach and apply. 


The word worship means to assign worth or value to. Whatever we assign the most worth to is what we worship. As those created in God’s image,  it is in our DNA to assign the highest value to our creator and worship God alone through Jesus Christ. We believe worship is first and foremost a lifestyle of expressing God’s worth in how we live. We also believe worship is a corporate event where we gather together as the family of faith to praise and glorify our Triune God, as prescribed in the scriptures, through the singing and preaching of the word, through prayer and the regular observance of the Lord’s supper and baptism. 


We believe prayer is the language of grace and the means by which we have a personal relationship with God. Prayer is the practice of being in God’s presence. It’s where pride is abandoned, adoration is lifted, confessions are made and requests are presented. It’s where we humble ourselves and admit our need and claim dependence upon God and lay hold of faith and hope because God is faithful.  Someone said: “Prayer is the privilege of touching the heart of the Father through the Son of God, Jesus our Lord.” We believe that prayer powerfully and effectively changes things, first and foremost, us!  So, we are committed to praying both as individuals and as a church.


We believe the church is a community (family) of faith geographically located in a wider community without faith with obligations and opportunities to both. We are connected and committed to the church community to disciple and equip our people to make disciples, through Christian education, fellowship, service and outreach. We are connected and committed to the wider community around us to be a blessing and resource, reflecting Christ through service and outreach that many may not only see Christ in us but embrace Him as their Lord and Savior. 


As a Simply Christ church, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, fully God and fully man and that salvation is through Him alone, by faith alone, through grace alone. Apart from Him there is no salvation. We also believe that Christ is the head of His church and so as professing believers and as a particular church, in everything we think, say and do we do so to magnify and glorify Jesus Christ and build his church.





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The groundwork for a Presbyterian church in Dyersburg was laid in October of 1853, when the Rev. William A Hall visited the town at the request of a few friends. After $120 was subscribed, he was engaged to preach on the third Sunday in every month, which he began doing regularly in January of 1854. 

In April of that same year, a petition was presented to the Presbytery of the Western District convened at the Zion Presbyterian Church in Brazil, TN. Presbytery's minutes of that meeting read: "A petition from sundry persons at Dyersburg was presented to Presbytery requesting a church to be organized at said place and the Rev. Hall was appointed to organize said church on the 18th day of August, 1854." Nine persons presented themselves for membership and the organization was effected on Saturday, August 19, 1854. That night, after a sermon by the pastor, Richard Henderson, John G Latta, and George H Todd were installed as the first elders. That same night, the first new member, Isaiah Fuller, was examined and received into the new church. The first Lord's Supper was administered on Sunday, August 20, 1854, to about 40 people. 

The report to Presbytery in the spring of 1861 showed a membership of 19, but there is then a break in the records until 1867, no doubt caused by the effects of the civil war on the congregation. 

There were no meetings of the session between 1867 and 1872, but beginning in March of 1872, Rev. O.B. Caldwell was engaged to preach twice a month for a yearly salary of $250. It was the custom to have preaching on Saturday night before each communion service on Sunday in order to prepare the congregation for the sacrament. 

The records of 1883 show that preaching was held in Sawyer's Opera House and the Sunday School met in the Masonic Hall. A little later, services were held alternately in the Opera House and in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The first deacons were installed in 1883. By 1885, there were 34 members with a budget of $310. 

The congregation erected its own building in 1883 on the corner of Mill and McGaughey streets. About 1919 the building was remodeled and a manse on Oak Street was built for a total cost of $40,000. In 1952, a $26,000 annex was dedicated. 

In 1972, the church moved to a new location on Highway 51 Bypass on land generously donated by the Alexander family. For many years, services were held in what is now Alexander Hall until the present day sanctuary was built and dedicated September 12, 1993.  

In 1983, the congregation voted to change its affiliation from the Presbyterian Church in the United States to Presbyterian Church in America.

In 1995, First Presbyterian Christian School opened with an enrollment of 24 students. Originally, classes met in Sunday School rooms, but in 1999 a building was erected for the growing school. In 2003, the name was changed to Christ Classical Academy to reflect a new vision for the school. 


Rev. W. T. Palmer


Rev. George P. Scott


Rev. J. W. Powell


Rev. George L. Kerns


Rev. George P. Scott


Rev. Francis B. Benton


Rev. Adrian Kolean


Rev. William Joseph Boyd II


Rev. R. Alan Chapman



Rev. Randy C. Stringer


Rev. Werner Mietling


Rev. Frederic Mau


Rev. Wally Bumpas


Rev. William S. Evans III

From 1854 until 1895, the church used supply pastors from the surrounding areas. In 1895, the first full time pastor was installed. 


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 In the fall of 1995, the First Presbyterian Christian School opened its doors with three teachers and twenty-four students in kindergarten through fifth grades. Classes met in the classroom section of the First Presbyterian Church.  God blessed FPCS, and the school grew quickly. The original plan for the school was to add one grade each year. As enrollment grew and additional grades were added, the church realized that the school had outgrown the space that the church had available. As a result, plans were developed to build a separate building for the school. Again, God provided a school supporter who donated the land for the building site. First Presbyterian Church was also able to purchase some adjacent land for future school expansion. With the financial backing of the church and other supporters, a master site plan was developed and work began on the building. In the fall of 1999, FPCS moved into the new building.


     In 2000, the School Board conducted an in-depth study of curriculum used at the school and then adopted a classical Christian methodology. Due to this change, the School Board also changed the name of the school to Christ Classical Academy in 2003.   In the summer of 2008, CCA received the honor of becoming accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International.  In the 2016-17 school year, the School Board unveiled our current vision, mission, and core values.  We currently serve students in Pre-K 3 through the 8th grade from Dyer, Crockett, Lake, and Lauderdale Counties in Tennessee, Pemiscot County in Missouri, and Mississippi County in Arkansas.


     Certainly God has blessed CCA since its inception and continues to provide whatever is needed to maintain the school. Through the generosity of underwriters, parents, contributors and the members of First Presbyterian Church, CCA continues to provide not only a quality education but also an exceptional opportunity to develop as disciples of Christ to the children in the area. With God’s blessing and continued providence, CCA hopes to continue to grow and expand so that more families can benefit from the advantages which CCA can offer their children.

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