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The Campus of First Presbyterian, Tiffany Window, and Wooden Cross

FPC has long been known for its beautiful stained glass windows. These were removed from the downtown church and installed when the new sanctuary was constructed in 1993. From 1972, the congregation had held services in Alexander Hall, the fellowship hall located on the FPC campus.

Christmas and Easter are brought to mind by gazing toward the front of the FPC sanctuary.

The “Madonna & Child” which measures 13’ x 6’ is installed above the cross at the front of the sanctuary. It was originally built by Louis C. Tiffany in 1888. Its value for FPC is in its history and in Christ, who is celebrated in and through it.

After the Civil War, in 1865, Miss Myra White of Pennsylvania, came to Dyersburg to serve as governess for the S.R. Latta family. In time, she married Dr. W. C. Parr, a prominent physician. Their only child, a daughter, Marion, was born in 1880 and died in 1888 at the age of eight.

Mrs. Myra Parr bought the original stained glass window in 1888 from Tiffany’s in New York, in memory of her daughter Marion, and then had it installed in FPC FPC Madonna State GazetteDyersburg.

The picture from the State Gazette features John Shatzer and Ellen Johnston with Mrs. Walker when the window stood at street level for so many years.

The light brilliantly shining through Sunday morning worship services is often glorious.

As Mary holds Christ on her lap, one is reminded of Christmas: where all the promises of the Old Testament come true, that God would send His Son to rescue His people.

Below the window hangs a wooden cross, crafted by FPC elder Quintin Little. Fourteen feet tall and nine feet wide, the cross is back-lit, reminding worshipers that the reason for Christ’s nativity was His death on the cross.


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