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Birth of Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

When Rev. Boyd retired in 1973, FPC called Rev. Alan Chapman in 1974.

Until that point First Presbyterian had been a member of the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America (PCUSA).

Within the PCUSA, men began having profound disagreements regarding their understanding of Scripture, particularly with regards to the virgin birth and resurrection of Christ, as well as the inerrancy of Scripture.

Good men on both sides of the aisle sought for years to find a peaceful resolution without compromising what they were convinced to be true. However, as they were unable to resolve conflicts on the central tenets of Christianity, a new denomination was formed, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

PCAHomeImages15F-1220x480The elders were instrumental in advising FPC members about the PCA, but God led the congregation through the door. When the congregation voted in 1983 to affiliate with the more conservative PCA in 1983, Rev. Chapman stepped down as pastor.

Rev. Randy Stringer (1984-1986)

While Rev. Stringer served as pastor, FPC had an active youth group, with several young people going on missions trips.


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