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Are YOU an Armorbearer?

On Sunday, February 21, 2016, Wally Bumpas preached a message on praying for church leaders from Luke 22:31-34. The congregation was called to kingdom-focused prayer for the pastor and elders. If you were one of those who committed do this, let me review what was said and what we committed to do. If you were not present, please read on, and consider joining with the others who made this commitment.

Pastor Bumpas directed us to the example of Jesus’ intercession for Peter. Luke 22:31-34 tells us that Satan preys on leaders and that Jesus prays for leaders. Therefore, leaders must pray and be prayed for. Your leaders–your pastor and elders, those who teach and have other responsibilities in the church–need your prayers. If you were there Sunday, you also saw the pastor publicly confess many ways he and the elders have failed the congregation of First Presbyterian Church. This further underscores the need they have of our prayer.

Satan’s desire for visible church leaders is to “sift them like wheat.” Satan deceived Judas, who then destroyed himself. Satan would like to see every pastor destroyed like Judas. An average of 1700 pastors quit the ministry every month, leaving their congregations devastated.

The visible leaders of FPC are strategic targets for the evil one. He knows that followers imitate their leaders and that leaders set the pace for the life and work of the church. Experience shows that the spiritual life of a congregation will rarely rise above that of their leaders. This is why Paul Timothy and Titus to be examples to their flocks.

header-pray baby blocksGod has established a mutual dependence between leaders and their people. Congregations depend on their leaders. They especially depend on pastors to minister the word to them and be a godly example. On the other hand, pastors depend on their congregations’ prayer to be the men they should be.

In Old Testament times, warrior chiefs were prime targets for the enemy. If a chief fell, the whole army might lose heart and be routed. In battles, armor bearers surrounded their leaders and held door-sized shields to protect them fro enemy arrows.

If you were among the members and friends of First Presbyterian Church who indicated that you would pray regularly for our leaders, I want to thank you and encourage you in this important ministry. If you were not in the service, let me encourage you to become an armor bearer, which just means committing to pray for the pastor and his family at every meal, and for a different elder each day. (See below) May God have all the glory as our church moves forward in the work of renewal and revitalization.

Your Fanning the Flame prayer coordinator,

Miriam Hamer

FPC Elders 
Sunday – Dale Milner
Monday – Miles Shatzer
Tuesday – Troy Kerber
Wednesday – Willis Chapman
Thursday – Quintin Little
Friday – Gerald Brandon
Saturday – Shane Burchfiel